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New - Processing your complaints online or in an agency

Your complaints are received 7 days a week - 24 hours a day and processed free of charge with a support period of one (01) month maximum.

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TPE Coris Bank International

Pay by card securely on our TPE.

Don't carry any more cash on you. Make your life easier.


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Leader Visa Card

Withdrawal and payment card linked to a checking account or a business account

  • Validity: 2 years
  • Access to CBI ATMs, ATMs of other banks affiliated to the GIM-UEMOA and VISA network
  • Daily withdrawal up to 1,000,000 F CFA

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Coris packs savings

A savings account with the functional advantages of a checking account

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Products & Services

Coris Bank International, the bank in Niger that offers products and services tailored to your needs.

Fast money transfers

Rapid money transfers are sending or receiving funds from a WAEMU country or the rest of the world on behalf of a customer


We make funds available in several forms, the CBI remains the best bank to support you.


We facilitate the execution of your contracts between contractors or suppliers and a public authority for the execution of works


Send money to your loved ones with peace of mind. Our teams present in all the agencies will accompany you.


The E-Coris is a service allowing the customer to stay connected to their bank account 24 hours a day via the internet. Account information is real-time.Our online banking service is accessible every day.

Coris SMS

Our is an innovative sms banking service that allows Clients to send requests by sms to 3323 to obtain the following value-added services

Foreign exchange transactions

Foreign exchange is a service for obtaining foreign currencies or exchanging currencies (international foreign currencies) using the national currency.

Bank cards

The bank card offer at Coris Bank International has been developed according to you, according to your desires for freedom or your desires for control. With us there is always a card that suits you.

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Our cards

Our savings advice

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